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With permanent and long-term computer work, you are vulnerable to eyesight deterioration, back and hand pain, headaches and eye problems. Why endure this needless stress?

In order to prevent these potential problems, most ergonomic experts advise taking regular, short breaks in computer work to relax the eyes, the hands, the wrists (vulnerable to carpal tunnel syndrome), shoulders, and back. But with heavy workloads and hyperfocus on work, we forget to take periodic breaks, and often ignore reminders. UsefulRest has an inexpensive solution to compel you, your fellow workers, children, and other loved ones to take that much-needed break. With UsefulRest software, you can program your computer to freeze when you want for up to fifteen minutes per hour.

UsefulRest does it all for you. This easy-to-use software allows you to customize the duration of your work and the number and length of pauses. It also features degrees of blocking and a number of degrees of protection. And if you have children, UsefulRest is a safe, inexpensive way to train them to take much-needed breaks and establish healthy work habits.

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